Cloud Services 



Lamont Information Technology is always looking for ways to keep our clients’ IT infrastructure up to date with the latest trends and happenings in the IT world.

One of those ways is using offsite backups for backing up our clients data to an offsite secure location. From as little as R2/GB we insure that your data is safe and always backed up.

Apart from offsite backups, we offer hosted exchange so all users’ email, contacts and calendars are easily synced between devices and always backed up. We also host servers and workstations at low monthly costs that users can access from any internet connection.


Specialized Services Include (Click): 


Hosted Servers

Our Server Hosting packages provide the speed, security and stability you need for your business servers at a fraction of the cost of creating the same hosting environment yourself.


Office 365

Looking to move all your data and Email to the cloud in 1 unified package?  Office 365 is the answer.


Free Cloud Services

Lamont Information Technology also makes use of all the free services out there like Dropbox, Gmail, Sugarsync, Skydrive and Google Drive to help keep users’ data in the cloud at no monthly cost. This is great for small companies as it allows the users to sync data between machines through the cloud. Users that have more than one machine see great advantages here, and those with just one machine still have the cloud backup as well as shared data between users with no need for big expensive servers.